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You may have seen my post about how my human design chart differs between tropical and sidereal astrology.

I’m still exploring it, and experimenting with how my “new” sidereal human design chart feels (Psst: here’s an update on my own human design experiment – December 21, 2021).

AND, I should mention (as mentioned in the previous blog post), that there are different types of sidereal astrology. There’s one that’s often referred to as “vedic sidereal astrology” and one that’s called “true sidereal astrology.”

The sidereal astrology I used to calculate my second HD chart is vedic. I used the “Lahiri ICRC” setting in Genetic Matrix.

Now, in the human design community, there is a LOT of discussion around using a different combination of sidereal astrology features. To avoid name confusion, it’s being called “cosmic human design” and Richard Mason is creating a website that we can use to calculate our HD charts this way.

MARCH 15, 2021 UPDATE: Richard’s website is officially available for you to calculate your “true sidereal” / cosmic human design chart FOR FREE (with links to donate) ➡️ Cosmic Human Design.

So, how is true sidereal or “cosmic human design” different?

Cosmic human design IS sidereal, (which uses different calculations to figure where the planets and stars actually ARE in relation to a given place/time), but it uses 13 zodiac signs (Hello, Ophiuchus), and a 31° offset. UPDATE (April 9, 2021): I’ve since learned that the offset changes every year because it accounts for precession every year. However, for simplicity’s sake, many people just reference a “31°” offset.

Many people are finding that they resonate with different parts of their tropical human design, “Genetic Matrix” sidereal (any type of sidereal chart run through the GM system), and “true sidereal”/cosmic human design charts (for those who have them already).

I’m finding the same thing. BOTH my charts feel accurate in different ways. In human design, we validate our charts through experimentation, so it’s not just about what we initially think/feel about our charts, so as mentioned above, I’m still experimenting!

I’ll be updating this article to add my cosmic human design chart (also called “true sidereal human design chart” in some places), which says my type is…wait for it…manifesting generator (from projector in both tropical and vedic sidereal) 🤯. So, wow. Gotta unpack this!

AND, if you’d like to check out your sidereal human design chart via Genetic Matrix while you wait, you can check it out here. **NOTE: You need to upgrade your account to be able to get your sidereal HD chart. You can upgrade for just one month for around $2 if that’s all you need. I’ve also found that when I run a chart, the sidereal option is greyed out and doesn’t seem to be available. I have to exit that chart, then open it back up, and then the sidereal option is available.


True sidereal / cosmic human design charts: Available (Cosmic Human Design) – Free
Sidereal human design charts: Available (Genetic Matrix) – Pro membership required
Sidereal astrology natal charts: Available with 13 signs (Mastering the Zodiac) – Free

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Genetic Matrix launched a “true sidereal” option on April 9, 2021, however, this is NOT ACTUALLY true sidereal. All they’ve done is add a 13th house (Ophiuchus). The true sidereal option still requires you to choose from the existing non-true sidereal ayanamsas available. True sidereal should be its OWN ayanamsa. In conclusion, to calculate your actual true sidereal human design chart, the Cosmic Human Design website is the best option.

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