Liberate your full expression through self-portraits

Self-portraits create an opportunity for you to know, discover, and explore yourself more deeply. As observer and observed, creator and creation, you can see and embody a variety of experiences of yourself. And then you get to decide which experiences to keep.

Uncensored; adj:

“not having any part deleted or suppressed” (Merriam-Webster)

You, uncensored – embodying the full, liberated expression of YOU.

How it works

Here’s what to expect during the free, 4-day course.

Day 1

We dive deeper into how self-portrait photos can actually be part of ongoing self-exploration, remembering, and expression.


Day 2

We reflect on where and how we might be experiencing censorship in our lives.

Day 3

Self-portrait photography 101. We’ll go through how to plan and shoot your very own self-portrait session. No professional gear needed. Your phone is perfect.

Day 4

This is a big one! We tie everything together with a guided self-reflection and awareness practice. Get ready for some 🤯 moments.

I'm Melissa

I’m a self-portrait photographer and content creator. I express myself in the world and on the internet.

And I do so as honestly as possible.

But for a long time, I was trying to express myself in the right way. Or, what I thought was the right way, based on what I thought I’d get approval for. Based on what I thought I should be doing.

I originally started my photography business to capture photos of other people, but when I could no longer do that (2020…), I turned the camera on myself and realized it was about so much more than simply capturing a photo of myself.

Self-portraits are part of my spiritual practice; if it resonates, I hope it becomes part of yours too.

Documenting yourself is a way to meet yourself, again and again, and embrace all the parts of yourself you’ve been hiding away.

Supporting you on your journey of self-(re)membering

Your true Self longs to be remembered and expressed through you.

And if there are parts of yourself you feel afraid or nervous about showing people, embodying them through self-portraits is a safe – and solo – way to explore.

Self-portraits literally changed me. Or, rather, they allowed me to fully embrace my own changing – my own remembering.

It’s the big reveal. It’s revealing your Self to yourself.

It’s looking in the mirror. Except you’re the mirror, the reflection, and the one standing in front of it.

You’re the method, the medium, the audience, and the artist.

Melissa Ushtchenko

Self Expression Activator, The Uncensored Self

Why self-portraits?

Self-portraits are a safe, judgement- and expectation-free space to explore your curiosities, your desires, and aspects of yourself you might hide away.

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4-day course

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