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Stocks, sex, and spirituality – do these things go together?

Why or why not?

You may have seen my posts about stock trading…

And you may have read some of my posts about more spiritual things, like human design…

But I haven’t written any about sex or sexuality.

Sexuality is certainly a large part of the human experience.

It can even be harmful to separate our sexual identities from our “public-facing” selves.

Our sexualities and our personalities are intertwined in immeasurable and interesting ways – ways we probably don’t even fully understand yet.

And still, when thinking about what I want to share on my blog, I hesitate to mention anything sexual.

Even though I’m a sexual being.

Even though I like talking about sex and sexuality.

Even though I really, really admire people who talk and write about sex and sexuality.

I think…

Maybe people won’t want to share anything from my blog if I also wrote about sex.

Maybe they won’t want to be associated with me.

Maybe the things I say about other things, like stocks, won’t be taken seriously.

(And the classic: What will employers think? I’ll never get another job! Even though I don’t want one – *ahem* stocks – but the fear of “What if I need one??” And then not being able to get one because I wrote a blog post with the word sex in it RUNS DEEP.)

Because even if I disagree with the fact that we keep our sexual selves hidden away, and even though I’m conscious of the historical and societal reasons why we do this, they’re still deeply ingrained in me.

All this to say, I want to write about sex and sexuality.

But I’m not sure how.

I’m not sure when.

I’m not sure I should.

I want to forge ahead and be what I want to see in the world.

But, damn, if it isn’t scary.