5 practices to show up confidently online for your business, your audience, and yourself


Be more you, own your gifts and stories, and attract your ideal audience.

5 practices for Confident Connection


How You Show Up

What’s more important than being on and present everywhere at all times is to be intentional about where and how you show up.

In the free training, I’ll walk you through deciding how you actually want to show up.


Why You Show Up

You need to know why you’re showing up. You need to believe in the importance of what you’re doing, otherwise, it will be all too easy to give up and let distractions take over. We’ll dive deep into your why in the free training.


Fear Mapping

This is my FAVOURITE practice! I’ll walk you through a quick exercise you can do pretty much anywhere to manage your fears and doubts.


Plan Ahead

If you don’t schedule time to plan for your business, you’re more likely to push it off and end up not being consistent. I’ll give you a super simple checklist to keep you on track.



Caption Prompts

Learning to prompt yourself is a regular practice. You’ll get a full page of caption prompts to help you when you’re feeling stuck. 

Hey! I’m Your Photographer,


I help online entrepreneurs own their gifts and stories by showing up confidently online through authentic, aligned images.