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Season 2 is available on Vaness Henry’s Spacious App bringing with it new, immersive sound environments.

(I am in no way affiliated with Vaness Henry or the Spacious App. I’m writing this review purely from my own perspective and experience because I couldn’t find any reviews online and I thought it would be useful for others!)

I didn’t sign up for Season 1 on the app, mostly because it came out while I was experiencing my “human design burnout.”

But then I got an email that Season 2 was out, featuring a new focus from Vaness: immersive sound environments. This was a shared project with her husband, Derek, and interestingly, they both have sound determination (Vaness has high, Derek has low).

(If you don’t have your human design chart yet, you can get it from Genetic Matrix – this is an affiliate link).

Having high sound determination myself, the idea of an immersive sound environment really piqued my interest. I joined with a 7-day free trial (which wasn’t available for Season 1 as far as I know), so I jumped in to see what it was all about (side note, for whatever reason, the “free trial” part never kicked in, so I ended up paying for the full month).

I checked out the “Ego Night Club” first, and I really liked that it sounds like a nightclub environment. It’s like podcast content, but the audio sounds like the conversation is taking place on stage at a club.

It’s pretty cool, and I like the concept, but it’s not quite as immersive as I expected it to be. For example, the night club sounds (walking into a club, music, etc.) at the beginning really just ended up being like a podcast or radio show intro and didn’t carry throughout except for some audience laughter sounds. Apart from the actual audio sound, which had that tinny, live mic effect, it was kind of just an audio interview.

Now, it’s still great human design content, but it’s not quite what I was hoping for from an “immersive sound environment.” And honestly, I’m not sure what specifically I’d want from this to feel totally immersed, but these are just my early comments on the Spacious Network app.

Here’s a March 2022 video tour of the app:

Since season 2 just started, more content will be added regularly over time for on the app.

Other content I was really excited about were the subliminals by Jasmine Kenna. So far there are subliminals for the ego, solar plexus, sacral, and root. I tried out the ego one first (“to remember your inherent worth” – I have an open ego centre). It’s recommended to listen while in a relaxed state, so I started listening while laying in bed thinking I could fall asleep to it.

The music was nice and I could hear the “subliminal” sentence, though of course I did not actually understand what was being said because it was so sped up. This is probably personal preference, but I found this quite distracting and I wasn’t actually able to relax fully.

In comparison, with this subliminal for abundance and money manifestation, (recommended by Megan Tong, a money coach) you can only hear the music. I much prefer this style and I find it more relaxing.

Again, this is probably just my personal preference (as someone with high sound determination), and these subliminals could be great resources for you. If you’re curious about them, I recommend trying out both styles to see what works for you!

Other content I really enjoyed is “Calibration” which is a bunch of different “soundscapes.” They’re great to have on to relax, meditate, as you’re falling asleep, or in the background as you work or do other things. For example, there’s “mountainscape,” “junglescape,” and “darkscape” just to name a few. Different sound environments for different moods and intentions.

As you might have also seen in the video tour, there’s content for specific aura types, like the “You’re Invited” and “Bitter Bitches” podcasts for projectors, “Mani-Gen” for manifesting generators, and “Mmhmm” for sacral beings. You can expect content for each of the profiles as well, although as of this writing (April 1, 2022), not all of the profiles have been added.

There’s also non-HD specific content, like “Divinely Human,” and “The Cosmic Tea,” and “Being You.”

In the time since I recorded that video tour of the app, new content called “Aycee’s Forecast” from Aycee Brown has been added, which is “a psychic fusion of astrology, human design, numerology, and metaphysics.” This is fresh for April 2022 (for the Aries new moon and the start of the astrological new year) and sounded suuuper interesting. I definitely listened, and I loved getting this forecast insight from Aycee. This content is exclusive to the Spacious App.

Ultimately, the content of the Spacious App is intended to help you on your journey of self-discovery and learning to be authentically you (using the tools of human design, astrology, and inner explorations).

From a technical standpoint, the app is great overall, although it is a bit slow (compared to other massive streaming apps, like Spotify or whatever podcast player you use), and there are some glitches (like things not being added to my favorites/playlist properly), but these “issues” are really quite minor.

I think it’s so cool that all of this content exists in one place and that you can really customize your experience with it. And YES, you can switch out of the app and the content still plays (yay!).

For me personally, it is a lot of human design content to commit to, and while I’m into human design, I’m not SO into it that it makes sense for me to have a subscription to an app that’s focuses mainly on human design content. I’m interested in particular morsels of content at particular times, when I’m in particular moods – so I likely won’t continue my subscription at this time, BUT I may hop back in at a later time to “catch up” on content and sample what’s been added.

As a projector, me energy moves in waves, so my app subscription style mirrors that. I like that you can hop in and out as you see fit, versus needed to commit for a certain length of time.

Have you checked out the app? What did you think??