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Is it possible to have a bangin’ skincare routine with under five products? Why yes, yes it is. My skincare routine, outlined below, has just four (though if you count two variations of one product, then it would be five – I consider them one product, so I’m going with four. Technicalities!).

Psst, keep reading to see how nipple cream fits into this routine (I’m totally not the target market for this product as a childfree woman).

(And yeah, I’m quite good at using products for something other than what they’re marketed for.)

May 2022 Update: Since publishing this post in October 2021, I’ve developed perioral dermatitis, so I’ve made some slight updates to my skincare routine.The below routine is the same one I originally shared in October.

Face Wash

I use soap on my face about twice a week, unless I’m wearing products that need to be washed off everyday (but I rarely wear makeup, and when I do, it’s usually on my cheeks and lips – no foundation or concealer). When I’m not using soap, I simply rinse my face with warm water in the shower, or with a face cloth.

I use DivaWash as my face wash of choice. It’s gentle and not too drying (and is pH balanced).

I combine it with the Salux cloth for exfoliation. This cloth can be abrasive, so I apply a very light amount of pressure. I find the Salux cloth is super helpful for minimizing the look of pores (especially on my nose).

The Salux cloth is a Japanese cloth that is apparently so popular, there are loads of knock-offs (that aren’t as good). I’ve linked the actual Salux cloth in this post.

You can use the Salux cloth to lightly exfoliate dry lips, too!


I’ve recently added Thayer’s Witch Hazel Unscented Facial Toner to my post-wash and post-rinse routine. 

This gives my skin a glowy look, and actually reduces how much I need to apply moisturizer.

I apply toner while my face is still damp – not dripping wet, but also not totally dry. I also apply over my lips. This helps lock in the moisture!

Lip Moisture!

Dry lips seem to plague me, so I give my lips extra attention.

Right after washing or rinsing my face, I quickly pat away excess water, and then immediately apply lanolin. This stuff is a life saver in Winter.

I use this nipple cream for my lips. Lanolin also comes in a more liquid oil form, but I prefer this “cream” consistency for my lips.


This step is mainly needed in the Fall and Winter months when the air is just dry and my skin really needs an extra layer of moisture.

I apply this right after washing or rinsing my face (and after toner), to avoid my skin losing moisture to air drying.

My go-to is Nova Scotia Fisherman Seabuckthorn and Shea Lotion. (I’m aware it says “hand and body cream” but I use this all over, including my face.)

Optional Overnight Moisture Boost

If my skin is really parched (this mostly happens on my chin and temples), I apply liquid lanolin oil to the areas that need it. This oil does feel a bit sticky going on, but doesn’t stay that way, I promise. It also has a pretty distinct smell, but don’t let that deter you from using it, because it works sooooo well!

Boom! That’s pretty much my whole skincare routine, and has been for years.

I also usually do a clay or spirulina mask once or twice a week, but I’m not that consistent with them, and they’re not an essential part of my skincare routine, which is why they’re not listed in this post (but I’ll link to them once I get them written and published!).