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Let’s get right into it…

🎶 MAGIC MORNINGS – Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

I love this playlist for chilling out, background music for getting some work done, and smooth tunes for dreamy bath time. Stephanie does something called “magic mornings” and this the playlist she uses for manifesting. Yum.

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🎶 this is a great playlist for drug fueled orgies – John Romaniello

I mean, as described. Orgies and drugs are optional. Smooth, sensual, grounding.

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🎶 Vibin’ High AF – Kathrin Zenkina

As described in the playlist title, this playlist is very “high vibe.” Think a mood-boosting, dance-inducing, pump-up mix.

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This playlist is smooth, sexy, and sensual. Perfect for a sexy-time playlist, or for any time you want to feel grounded and in touch with your body.

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🎶 DTW – Do The Work! – Jason Zook

Great for getting in the zone and fueling your flow state so you can…do the work! Includes the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, among other great focus-inducing songs.

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🎶 ThirtyAF Artist Spotlight – Thirty AF

Best for those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, remembering how 30-something you really are and jiving to the songs of your pre-teens, teens, and twenties.

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🎶 Cute date idea: – noopface

If you’ve never heard of noopface, let me introduce you. On Instagram, his content is sexy, sensual, passionate, romantic, and poetic. This is exactly what you can expect from his playlist, too. Enjoy!

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