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I think for most people, the end of the calendar year is a time of reflection and, perhaps, planning for the year to come.

I’m not really a planner. I tend to focus on the present and make decisions about the future when it becomes the present 😆 (seriously, the most planning I’ve done is for my move to Europe).

ANYWAY, this post isn’t about planning, it’s about reflection.

My birthday also happens to be in December, so it’s such an introspective time of year for me.

I’m thinking about the things I’m currently doing and/or passionate about, like…

    • Self-portraits
    • Blogging
    • Trading stocks
    • Planning a move to a different continent

And I’m kind of just like…🤯

Is this really my life?

I went from wishing I was invisible, to really seeing myself, and then showing that version of me to the world – and being super proud of my portrait work (and making an OnlyFans account to showcase it).

I went from doing what everyone else was doing with blogging (I started out as a travel blogger with no unique perspective and then tried to do all the content platforms for business), to doing whatever the heck I feel like, whenever I feel like doing it (and it’s worked out way better for me).

I went from thinking, “I could never do something like trade stocks,” to feeling like I could never NOT do it.

I went from clinging to safety and security, to deciding to the “risky” thing and do what my soul craves.

And all of this comes from doing the self-discovery work (it never ends), and then HONOURING what I discovered.

Knowing yourself and honouring your truth = the foundational pieces that are REQUIRED to show up confidently and authentically.

In my experience, you can’t have confidence without authenticity.

And it always, always, always starts with and comes back to you. YOU are your own key. Your own formula for success. You.