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As a lifelong dry-lip-haver, I know what it’s like to cycle through lip balm after lip balm promising “long lasting moisture.”

Most of them don’t deliver.

BUT, I can tell you what works for me (a white girl in Canada), and has become my go-to method for preventing dry lips in Winter (and year round).

Stay hydrated

I know you’ve probably read this 1000 times, but it’s the foundation for everything else. You can’t lock moisture in if there’s no moisture to lock in in the first place. 

I’ve personally noticed a huge difference in my lips between when I’ve been drinking sufficient amounts of water compared to when I haven’t.

Apply a good lip balm immediately after showering or washing your face

This gets in the way of the “drying” process. Don’t even pat your lips dry, just get the balm on there stat.

Here are my go-to products:


  • This comes in a more “solid” form (like petroleum jelly) and a more liquid oil form (though it’s still pretty viscous in terms of skincare oils).
  • Both work quite well, though I find the more solid version a bit better for lips.


Nova Scotia Fisherman

  • Nova Scotia Fisherman has tons of great products (I also love their lotions and 
  • I’m a big fan of their original lip balm, which is one of the few lip balms I’ve tried that has really worked.

Shea butter

  • You can buy this in blocks and scoop some into a smaller container for on-the-go lip (and skin) protection.
  • Look for raw/unrefined and fair trade.

Apply lip balm regularly throughout the day

Don’t wait for your lips to feel dry! I keep multiple lip balms in various bags, pockets, and places throughout the house. There is always one on my person. #stayvigilant

Avoid licking your lips

The cold, dry air will sap it away and leave you with cracked, uncomfortable feeling lips.

Breathe through your nose

The reason for this is similar to why you shouldn’t lick your lips. The constant air flow past your lips can dry them right out. Having just experienced a terrible cold with a super stuffy nose, I can attest to this.

Light scrub when needed

I use the Salux cloth on my lips/face about once per week and apply a very, very light amount of pressure. This cloth can be rough if you make it that way, but I’ve had no issue using it on my face and lips with a softer touch.

After scrubbing, immediately apply lip balm.

Happy Winter, enjoy those soft, smooth lips!