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I’ve been on the hunt for a communal, productive place to work for some time.

It’s been somewhat challenging for a couple of reasons.

  1. Up until recently, I was still balancing photography with a 9-5, so a very full-priced monthly membership for a space I’d use a few times per month wasn’t worth it.

  2. Even if I would work at a coworking space all the time, I crave flexibility and the freedom to make spontaneous decisions. I wasn’t sure I’d want to be tied to just one location. This is also why I’ve stuck with cafés thus far – I can pick any café and just grab a coffee.

I’ve been trying out different Flexday locations over the past few months (@goflexday). Basically, Flexday has partnered with various restaurants and cafés to provide co-working space in their off hours.

Every location (as far as I know) has OUTLETS and WIFI, and most have unlimited coffee/tea. Some even have discounts on food!

You can try Flexday for free, and after that it’s $9/month, with 10 credits included. You can always add more credits if you need them. Many locations are just 4 credits (and some are 2 or 3), so you could easily do some co-working a couple times per month for only $9/month.

So far, I’ve been to The Fortunate Fox, Eighteen30, Betty’s, Marchant, and Cafe Nicole.

Betty’s has the most outlets out of all of them, and a really cool, vibrant, fun atmosphere. The Fortunate Fox and Eighteen30 feel a little more chic, and both are really great spots to work.

Marchant has the fewest outlets out of all of them, and the fewest food options because it’s a café, and not a restaurant. BUT, it has a crazy wide selection of cakes, and delicious coffee. It’s also the farthest north of all of them, just north of Lawrence Station, so if you’re not a downtown dweller (like me), it could be a really good option (and it’s also only 2 credits!).

Cafe Nicole is inside a hotel, and when I went there with a friend to co-work together, it wasn’t too busy (which is great!). The only other people there

It’s a great alternative to your standard coffee shop, and it’s a fun way to check out different restaurants – but there’s no obligation to buy any food while you’re there.


  • Variety
  • Ability to be spontaneous
  • A fun way to explore new spots
  • Take up space for hours on end with zero guilt
  • Free coffee and tea (most places)
  • Food discounts (in some places)

Something to keep in mind:

  • Outside food and drinks aren’t allowed anywhere, so if you do plan to spend hours upon hours in a Flexday location, you’ll likely end up buying food. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it might mean you spend more than you would normally at, say, Starbucks.

Want to try it out? Sign up here or use “melissakix” as your referral code when you sign up through the app. Bonus: We BOTH get 5 bonus credits after your first check-in with your free trial.