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For a quick recap of what cognition is in human design and how to figure out what yours is, check out the smell post.


Inner vision is the third of six cognition tones.

  1. Smell
  2. Taste
  3. Inner vision (⬅️You are here!)
  4. Outer vision
  5. Feeling
  6. Touch

I liken inner vision to actual visualization. If you’re into manifestation, inner cognition is an incredible complement to intentional manifestation. You might even find that you are a total natural at manifesting.

Inner vision is your ability to see, even if what you’re seeing is not right in front of you in the physical/3D plane. You might notice you have a really active third eye, or if you’re in touch with your psychic abilities (we all have them!), your strongest ability might be clairvoyance (psychic information received as images or visuals).

You might also be someone with an active imagination, super vivid dreams, and who daydreams frequently. Inner vision connects you to your own inner world, and engaging with this inner world of yours is an important practice for you (so keep on daydreaming!).

With inner vision, you are literally creating your reality inside your mind first. You might map out decisions or possible paths for you to take, and experience within your inner world first. This is actually a great practice for getting intuitive hits about what’s right for you. You’ll know if it feels right in your inner world first, and then you can make it a reality for yourself (or not!). This could apply to big life things AND more routine things like what to wear or what to do this weekend.

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Your super sense doesn’t exist in isolation. Your super sense is an aspect of your intuition, and many factors can influence the strength of this sense and the ease with which you can tap into it.

Environment is a big one, and one of the easiest ones to test out. If your environment is not supporting you, accessing your super sense will be more challenging.

Think of your inner vision like a microscope that you use to look into your inner world.

If the microscope itself is in an unsupportive environment, it might be hard to access the microscope, or maybe it’s just really distracting depending on what’s going on around you. Of course you can still access it – you always have access to your super sense – but you may have to work harder to understand what you’re seeing through the microscope – through your inner vision.

To find your environment, I recommend getting your free chart via geneticmatrix.com (*affiliate link – you’ll only need to create a free account) or myhumandesign.com (no account needed, but recommended to save your chart!).

The chart at My Human Design (run by another great HD resource, Jenna Zoe), shows your four variables (AKA the four arrows at the top of your chart) intuitive way and tells you quite clearly what your environment is. 

In Genetic Matrix, you’ll need to switch to the “Design” view (the default view is “Quantum”). This view will tell you your super sense and your environment.

Determination (how you take in information, AKA “digestion”), is another important factor influencing your super sense (look for “digestion” on your chart from My Human Design.

It is how you best “digest” information, so this would apply to how you digest/perceive intuitive information as well.

Going back to the microscope analogy, this would be how clear the internal mechanisms of the microscope are, or how clear the actual slide is that you’re looking at.

Once we receive all of this intuitive information, we can tune back into our strategy and authority to know what to do with it and how to proceed.


This is where you can really let your imagination run wild (haha, see what I did there?).

Pay attention to what sparks your imagination. Here are some starting points, but remember that this is your inner world, so lean into what feels exciting for you.

  • Mood boards! Pinterest is great for this, or creating physical collages can also be fun. You don’t need to know why something tickles your imagination, and you don’t even need to question whether it should. Just allow it. Pin or save images and let the inner world form in your mind.
  • Reading is a great way to inspire your inner vision because while the story is presented to you, it’s up to you to create the visuals in your mind. It could be really fun to play with this beyond reading. If you like creating visuals yourself, you could create something based on what you’re reading, or simply take a few minutes when you’re done reading to let your mind wander the world you were just reading about. 
  • If you see a house or building that draws your attention, imagine what it looks like inside. Imagine the lives that play out. Imagine the parts of this building you’d want to explore.
  • Write or play out an imaginary story in your mind’s eye. What about this “made up” story resonates most with you?

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Strengthening your inner vision cognition is all about playing around in your inner world.

  • Experiment with guided or self-directed visualization practices.
  • Take 5 minutes when you first wake up to visualize the kind of day you want to have.
  • If you’re into fashion, imagine different outfits you could create.
  • If you create or build things with your hands, imagine the different phases of the creation, as well as the final result you’re working towards.
  • If you don’t already do this, start a dream journal and see what comes up (reflections or insights).
  • Do you remember your dreams? Are they extremely detailed? Have you ever had really insightful or psychic dreams?
  • What really kicks your imagination into high gear? What prompts it to run wild?
  • When do you daydream the most? What do you daydream about?
  • Think of everything that has manifested into your reality – has there been anything that you visualized or imagined often before it became a reality?
  • Do you tend to imagine steps and processes, or final results?
  • What visions are you holding in your imagination now? Which ones feel exciting? Do any feel fuzzy?
  • How do you feel when you don’t have a vision/image in your mind that you’re moving towards?
  • When deciding if something is for you, do you play it out visually in your mind first?
  • Have you ever received images of things before they happened? Have images dropped into your mind with important information for you?