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I originally started writing this second instalment of my “Becoming Psychic” series back in FEBRUARY (2021). I know, I know. I came back to it in April and made some updates, and then…well, here we are, in November 2021, and I’m only just finishing it now (Psst…check out part 1 here).

Honestly, we could be on part 3 or 4 by now, if I had just made the smaller updates as they happened.

I think part of why I haven’t is because so many things are so subtle.

For example, I started tracking “psychic events” and spiritual encounters, and my spreadsheet now includes (only 2021 events):

    • Sensing that my then partner would need something for headache relief about a week before he had a string of intense headaches (and then questioning myself, delaying action, and being totally late on my surprise headache essential oil gift…womp)
    • Getting in the car and immediately feeling like something was off, then proceeding to take a completely random, totally wrong exit off the highway – despite literally never taking that exit before, having driven that route many times, AND using Google Maps.
    • Occasional intense ringing in my left ear where all other sound is muted and the ringing is turned UP
    • Poignant earache feeling in my left ear during a “meet your guide” meditation, and again later, right before bed, after having set the intention to encounter my guide again before falling asleep (I did not have a cold, was not sick in any way, don’t get earaches, and haven’t felt this before)
    • Just knowing a piece of information in a story someone was telling me
    • Dreams in which my mentor has appeared and we have some philosophical discussion

These things are real things that I’ve experienced, yet so subtle, and on their own, could be easily brushed off as “nothing.” It feels hard to find the words to really explain how significant these things feel to someone who is actively developing this way of knowing.

And of course, I know there are probably some people who will read this series and think it’s all poppycock.

So, you know, there are several reasons why part 2 of this series is ultra delayed. Nevertheless, I do feel quite strongly that I should share this part of my journey.

We are all psychic and intuitive beings, and developing that part of ourselves truly opens us up to more.

More love, more compassion, more self-trust and confidence.

And if sharing how I’m developing this part of myself inspires just one person to open up to their own abilities, that would seriously be amazing.

SO, back to the part 2 update!

In terms of working my “psychic ability” muscles, I started off the year practicing some remote viewing and “tracking” energy.

In my first remote viewing exercise, I “looked” into homes (nothing creepy!) and was able to describe things in quite a bit of detail. For the exercise, I had no information other than an image of a door, which I didn’t even see because I kept my eyes closed the entire time. Essentially, the image of the door was on the screen, so I was going off the energy of the door and the space it was attached to.

At first it can feel weird, because you’re just…saying things…seemingly out of thin air.

After years of societal messaging and conditioning (especially for women+) about not trusting yourself, deferring to authority figures, and needing solid evidence to back you up before saying anything…it can feel a little strange to completely trust what you’re saying (and to say it with confidence).

WIth no evidence outside your own senses and intuition. No authority figure giving you the stamp of approval.

Especially as a beginner, you kinda just have to go along with it and trust the process (though at first I said A LOT of “maybe’s” and phrased statements with question intonation because – self doubt).

Energetically, it felt natural. It felt easy.

I wasn’t trying to force an image into my mind that wasn’t there. I was just accepting whatever came up.

And another thing – the visuals in my head didn’t exactly match the actual images Emily showed me afterwards. But they don’t have to. 

Ultimately, you’re sensing things with your personal frame of reference.

You will sense (see, hear, feel, etc.) whatever you need to so that you can describe things in a way that will allow whomever you’re communicating the information to to perceive it within their frame of reference.

After this first session, I also experienced what Emily calls a “spirit high.” Like a literal high feeling. Buzzing.

It was really amazing.

And afterwards…the comedown. Very tired, mentally. Which makes sense, because I was literally stretching my senses to capacity, and using them in ways I haven’t typically used them.

Since I first started writing this in February, we’ve done a lot more work in this area, and I’ve learned that remote viewing is something I’m very good at. It comes easily and naturally to me, and I can often describe things in a lot of detail.

We’ve also worked on tracking energy, and I’ve realized that what I’ve always thought of as “just being really good at guessing” has actually been something more.

I’ve been good at guessing BECAUSE I’ve been sensing these subtle energies.

Based on the exercises so far, I very easily know what someone (Emily) has decided on the fly.

For more complex energy tracking, like the outcome of a sports game, or whether a stock will go up or down, my accuracy is about 60%.

I think I’ve enjoyed the remote viewing and energy tracking the most (maybe because they feel the easiest?).

And actually, one of the first things we did when I first started my mentorship was trying to connect to people who are in spirit (AKA mediumship).

I was able to get a sense of them, but it didn’t feel like it came that naturally to me.

For most of the year and my work with Emily so far, I’ve accepted that some “skills” feel easier for me. We’ve worked with those quite a bit and I’ve become so much more confident.

(Emily also helped me work with remote viewing/tracking to help me find my cat when he went missing 😮.)

In my more recent development work, Emily has brought on different volunteers for me to connect with.

The first time I was so nervous! This was right after my cat had come home, so we were playing with the energy of tracking lost things. The volunteer that came on (the Zoom call) had misplaced something, so I was using remote viewing to describe what it looked like where the item was. This was the first time that it felt like something was really on the line. Of course the volunteer knew I’m learning and this is practice, but I still felt the pressure of wanting to give the “right” answers (I don’t have an update on if the volunteer found the item yet).

I’ve connected with several volunteers since and the feeling is so amazing. I’ve also been able to provide them with messages/guidance for something that’s been on their mind a lot. I start out by tuning into them and the thing that’s on their mind. I’ve been able to describe what they’re feeling and what it’s related to. And then Emily has prompted me to give them a message.

And I mean channelled messages/guidance. The messages I give them don’t come from me or my brain. I’m just the messenger 😉.

Like, that feels so strange for me to say, because I used to think I wasn’t capable of something like that.

The volunteers I’ve worked with have been so grateful for these messages, and the feeling I get from delivering them and having helped them in some way is…woooaaaaaah. It’s amazing.

I’m also in the Emily the Medium: The Collective group, and through this group, and as part of my more recent 1:1 development work, I’ve started to get back into practicing connecting with people in Spirit and people’s energy via photos.

I’m almost surprised that I’m able to now, but I think all the development work I’ve done so far has built up those muscles, and I’m seriously so much more confident in my abilities. And the confidence part is huuuuuuge.

I think that’s everything for Becoming Psychic: Part 2.

Hopefully part 3 doesn’t take me so long 😝.