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It started with my dreams

How does one begin to explain the journey of becoming psychic?

I’m not really sure where to start, so let me start with my dreams.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve had some predictive dreams. Not a ton, but enough to grab my attention.

When I was 13, I had a dream about an alien poking me in my abdomen with this intense cramp-like feeling. One month later…my first period (#neverTMI).

I also had a dream my sister was pregnant with her first child before she told anyone.

More recently, I had a completely random dream filled with a number of symbols that showed up the very next day. There was no message, it was more of a hint to pay attention. Sometimes our psychic abilities show up in our dreams because when we’re sleeping, our conscious mind is not in the way, resisting. It’s like Spirit / your psychic abilities knocking at the door, asking you to pay attention.

I’ve always had “wild” and extremely vivid dreams. So vivid, in fact, that when people say to “write down every detail you can remember in your dream journal,” I’d pretty much give up and not bother because it was too much.

Over the past year (2020), my lucid dreams have increased too, without me even trying to have lucid dreams.

So, anyway, the point is that my dreams have always stood out as “unique” to me.


Then divine timing made its move

The next step in this journey of becoming psychic came when a photographer friend referred me for a retreat opportunity (I was starting my brand and retreat photography business at the time).

I had never met the retreat hosts (Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth and Emily Greene), so shooting the retreat was my first exposure to both of them and their intuitive-based businesses.

Emily is a psychic medium and did a mini reading for everyone at the retreat, including me.

That was the first direct message from Spirit I’ve ever received (that I’m aware of, of course).

Following that retreat, I was hooked. And maybe that was the whole point (everything is happening FOR you all the time).

I followed both Emily and Stephanie’s work online closely, and booked multiple readings with Emily.

In the summer of 2020, I had this urge I couldn’t shake to want to connect more directly with Spirit. But…I didn’t know how.

So I booked a reading with Emily to focus on that specific topic – how to connect with Spirit and build a relationship that supports ongoing dialogue.

And not long after I booked the reading (which wasn’t scheduled for a month or so), Stephanie and Emily announced the Ascension School x The Psychic Academy (ASxTPA). Basically, the exact type of offering I was looking for to develop my psychic abilities and build trust in my own intuition.

The timing was perfect, so I obviously joined, and I was able to dip my toes in and start to see what’s actually possible.

Later, in the reading I had with Emily, my guides communicated that there is a lot of potential for me. Like, I could be really psychic. I can’t explain this intense desire to be psychic, but it’s there, so I’m pursuing it. And, perhaps it’s my own Soul / Self guiding me along my journey.

After ASxTPA ended in December 2020, I was still eager to continue developing my psychic abilities, so I’ll be working with Emily 1:1 through her mentorship program, starting January 2021.

And here’s the thing, I’m not special.

It’s not like I was plucked from the masses as one of the “chosen ones” to become psychic.

We all have psychic abilities. However, the society we live in favours logic, so most of us may never (1) be aware that we even have these abilities and (2) have or create the time, energy, or space to develop them.

Also, I’m still very early on in this journey.

The biggest thing right now is just starting to flex this muscle, figuring out what it actually feels like when it’s happening, and building trust in it.

And honestly, for me at least, there haven’t really been any kinesthetic feelings so far. In terms of the clairs (claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance), I think I lean on claircognizance AKA clair-knowing the most. There’s no feeling or sensation because it’s just a knowing, especially for “receiving” information (like a thought from someone’s mind 😮).

My mentor, Emily, explained that I likely have clairaudience AKA clair-hearing, as well, because of my open head, ajna, and throat centres in my human design chart (I also have open G-centre, sacral, and solar plexus centres). The theory is that there’s a clear channel to receive information right into my throat / voice.

I’ve been practicing with clairaudience by recording voice notes on my phone, or speaking out loud to Spirit instead of “thinking at” Spirit or writing in my journal. On a couple of occasions, I’ve “answered” myself in a sort of automatic, free-flowing kind of speaking – like free writing, but with my voice.

The best way I can describe the difference between this and “regular” speaking, is that when I’m just speaking, I perceive the thought inside my head first, and then speak it out loud. In contrast, with “answering” myself, I speak and THEN perceive the thought. It’s like processing what someone else is saying. You perceive and process as they’re speaking.

This has only happened a couple of times so far, but it’s interesting and I’m paying attention to how it develops. I also usually remember everything I think-then-say precisely, but with the speaking-then-perceiving, it’s so automatic that I don’t remember it well. Which is why the voice notes are so helpful!

Another thing that is super helpful, and that I need to incorporate more, is SILENCE.

Literal, actual silence. This could be meditation, or just time and space in your day where you’re not taking in information or stimulation. I haven’t been doing this enough, and as I move into more intense mentorship with Emily, it’s something I intend to incorporate more.

So, meine Lieben, this concludes Part 1 of my “Becoming Psychic” series. Stay tuned for more, and let me know if you have any specific questions!

(P.S. After I started actively developing my psychic abilities, my predictive dreams stopped, but they’re still wild and vivid AF.)