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“Um, wait, what did you just say, Melissa?”

Let’s just do a quick intro on astral travel AKA astral projection.

Astral travel is a kind of out-of-body experience in which one travels somewhere else. I’ve seen it described as something intentional, but I think especially in the dream space, it’s something that can just happen because the energy (or dream you) intends for it, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

Now, I have never personally astral travelled (as far as I know); however, I’ve mentioned before that I work with an intuitive/psychic development mentor, Emily Greene (AKA Emily the Medium).

Emily has made several appearances in my dreams, and each time, there’s some kind of deep revelation or subconscious work happening.

We usually have some kind of conversation, and I wake up having received new information or guidance.

My dreams are typically very detailed and vivid, but dreams where I’m visited by Emily have a different kind of texture to them, which is hard to describe.

And I always remember the conversation we had practically verbatim.

Okay, so, let’s get to the most recent dream encounter with Emily (which happened the night of November 18th/morning of November 19th).

I was in this underground/warehouse-looking space with circular columns all over (imagine how an underground parking space might look). I was waiting for Emily, though I didn’t know that until she arrived.

When she did, we greeted each other like we had this meeting planned for some time. We were going to do psychic development work, but we were both quite tired (full moon/eclipse week), so we just decided to hang out and chat instead.

Then we started seeing chicken and egg imagery all over – like in a shadow cast on the wall, and even little pebbles on the ground shaped like an egg.

Dream us knew immediately what this was referring to (in the way you just know things in dreams) – and that was the age-old question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

I’ve thought about this before in my waking life. If time is linear and we look at it from an evolutionary perspective, one could argue that the egg came first, and some genetic mutation resulted in the creature inside the egg to come out as a chicken, even if what we know to be chickens today did not lay said egg.

From a creationist view, perhaps the chicken came first, already pre-loaded with chicken-y eggs.

But here’s what was quite obvious in this dream: Time is not linear.

And the chicken/egg question was a metaphor.

While we, as humans, perceive things in linear, sequential fashion, science has proven that time is not linear. We know this.

As for the metaphor piece, the chicken and the egg represent our higher self and our current self.

We are the egg. We are…hatching or growing…or whatever language you resonate with.

We will become the chicken. 

The fullest expression of the egg is the chicken.

The lesson of the dream was that one does not come before the other.

They exist simultaneously.

And if you want to take it to another level, the egg exists inside the chicken, and vice versa, actually.

Your higher self both creates and births (er…lays?) you, and, uh “hatches” out of you.

It is circular and unending. 


The existence of one requires and necessitates the other. They each exist because of the other.

And, for me at least, it’s really comforting to know that my current and higher self are one in the same. That my present self comes stems from and results in my higher self (and vice versa).

Of course I knew that logically, but trust me, it hits differently in the dream world.