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If you feel lost or directionless and, as a result, feel like you constantly need to learn something new or acquire new skills, remember that knowledge and skills cannot give you a sense of direction.

Knowledge and skills are not the end goal.

Your bigger vision for yourself and your life provides the direction.

Knowledge and skills are tools we use along the way.

Constantly seeking a new path to go down is a way to avoid going deep and it can create the illusion that you’re missing something – a constant state of lack, a state of “getting there.” There is always somewhere else, some point in the future.

➡️ Affirmation: I have everything I need. Now is the time to apply it through intentional action.

**March 2022 Update: I recently started diving into numerology and my own related numbers (check out Kaitlyn Kaerhart @kaerhart). My karmic lesson (AKA karmic debt) number is 7, and here’s the description from Kaerhart’s book You Are Cosmic Code:

“This indicates that you are not tapping into your highest potential, specifically when it comes to your innate talents. People with this Karmic Lesson ignore their gifts, often lacking the determination required to bring their gifts to full fruition. You must expand your knowledge of the areas in which you excel.”

– Kaitlyn Kaerhart, You Are Cosmic Code

Learning about this really brought a new perspective to my own pattern of constantly seeking out new things to learn, do, or (try to) accomplish. And I’ll keep repeating this pattern until I learn my karmic lesson.

This is just a brief update to this post, but I’ll be writing more about my personal numerology soon!