Hey there,

Melissa (Claire)

Photographer, storyteller, and curiosity follower.

About Me

I grew up in a super small town in Ontario, Canada, and had some pretty lofty dreams. I wanted to be a blue dog when I grew up (don’t tell me what is or isn’t possible), and even schemed to run away to the Amazon Jungle to save the rainforest (with no passport, money, or GPS, ha!).


I’m pretty sure I rolled out of the womb telling stories (seriously, ask my mom). I lived in my own fantasy world for much of my childhood, and I was constantly searching for ways to translate the beauty I created in my mind into the real world. I was drawn to writing and photography, and I’ve always wanted to combine the two in a meaningful way.

Content that Connects

I started By Melissa Claire to combine my love for incredible stories with helping others live their dreams and accomplish amazing things. People love stories. How we communicate those stories helps us to attract the right audience, the ones that really get our drive and mission.

Brands can be deeply personal, and as entrepreneurs, we can be really attached to this thing we’ve worked so hard to build. Audiences also want to support businesses and brands that share their values.

My Brand

I know that I personally connect with brands that share my values, and I wanted to share mine with you. One of them is honesty – can you tell?