Hi, I'm Melissa!

Hi, I’m Melissa!

Psychic Channel

I’ve been a professional psychic since 2022, channeling messages for people directly from their Spirit Team.

Happy Clients

  • Your channeled message feels so personal! I immediately felt it, like it really feels like this is for me. [Other readings were] quite generic and didn’t resonate that much.

    C. Nott

  • Thank you so much for this reading. It made me very happy. 😊💜

    Vanessa S.

  • A lot of what you are saying is on point for me. What a beautiful gift you have! Thank you so much for your time and energy. 💐

    Leonie E.

  • Thank you so much for this reading. It came when I needed something uplifting. You certainly validated some things too that I think I needed to hear. I appreciate that and send you lots of gratitude!

    Brandy C.

  • Ah thank you so much, Melissa. These are such beautiful messages. Thank you again for sharing your gift and your time not just for me but for all the women you support.

    Julie W.

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